The Admin department of the unit is in charge of distributing awards, along with administering both written and drill tests for advancements.

Department Heads:
c/LT Ayush Nabar
c/LT Paul Im
— c/ENS Kristi Lee

c/LTJG Lawrence Wang
— c/PO1 Benjamin Wang
— c/PO1 Nicolas Kim
— c/PO1 Vanessa Nguyen
— c/PO1 Nicolas He
— c/PO1 Brandon Won

c/ENS Eric Gim
— c/PO1 Brian Chang
— c/PO1 Liwen Xia
— c/PO1 Yelena Guo
— c/PO1 Jessica Susanto

Drill and Advancements:
c/LTJG Jessica Hong
c/LTJG Gavin Cho
— c/PO1 Daniel Im
— c/PO1 Eileen Zhao
— c/PO1 Fiona Huang
— c/PO1 Roy Choi